It passes by perfect clipping point without disturbing its behavior even by a millimeter.

You can see the essence here.

A seat cover hold a driver's body tight

We pursue ultimate speed and performance

A revolutionary seat cover

Overwhelms rivals

"Race feeling" of a seat cover by Nero Corsa not only pursues speed, but also stimulates five senses in various driving operations . Ultra Suede is the most durable to friction and have the strongest power to hold. In other words, we assure driver's safety and offer comfort by our car seats.

Merging functions and elegant design

A Noble and high-performance product

Sold out and end of sale on 2019/03/30.

Philosophy in a cockpit.

It is equipped with handmade thing which skilled craftsman finished carefully with his specialist's technique. We use the same ultra suede leather as Alcantara for materials of the side a driver sit on and the back of a chair. We adopt stitches emphasizing a touch of superior quality and the same color of the car body, completing it like suits by Taylormade.

Seats can be a suitcase.

Seats in Ferrari made by Italian maker which makes furnitures of high quality are recognized in various institution such as theaters, luxury liners, first class of flights, and hotels. It has functions as a suitcase to wrap soft and flexible leather.

If you open a door of a garage, you will surely end up smiling.

Having a Ferrari

We replaced it with a versatile and useful thing.

The chosen status
Wearing a black suit

Aesthetics of a car body cover

To make people recognize it is Ferrari

A graceful car body cover processed to raise to the high density to protect a whole body. Patterns emphasizing a form of a car show details making people recognizing that it is a Ferrari. It is waterproof, hardly generates dust by wear, and repels water greatly. It is a coal black curtain that we add a strong technology to a genuine body cover.

Emphasizing a touch of superior quality and form silhouette

A coal black curtain thrown into darkness

Sold out and end of sale on 2019/03/30.

Just like washing cars without water.

The important thing on a car body care is protecting the surface from dust accumulates every day. A car body cover of Nero Corsa is performed special raising processing to clean dirt by friction when attached and detached. It perform a maintenance of a car body of a Ferrari like washing a car body without water.

Waterproof properties and water repellency in addition to superior functions.

Genuine body covers used indoors don't have waterproof properties. In addition, outdoor body covers are far from a luxurious image because of aluminum car body covers processed with resin . We developed the car body cover which has waterproof properties and water repellency to solve them. Note: It doesn't mean that it waterproofs completely.
Water resistant: 20,000mm rated
Moisture permeable: 20,000g/㎡/24h rated

It is essential that every material has an absolute credibility endurable against ultimate speed ranges.

It inherits a tradition of racing cars.

A car drink holder can hold a drinking bottle even with a speed of a racing car

Utmost hard work we put our experiences of car races into

Unimpeachable dynamic shaping

Our obsession to details and respect to the tradition

High standard of quality. When you step in the world of racing, we pay close attention in every detail. As genuine accessories, we guess material applied to a Ferrari, and Japanese specialists finish each product by deciding form, polishing and making it beautiful , all processing technologies. We developed a supreme car drink holder can hold a drinking bottle with a speed of racing car.

Masterpiece to enjoy driving with your family and friends

A Ferrari and a lifestyle

Due to low on stock, only order by telephone is approved. TEL: 072-728-8330

It cools you down.

We would like to continue making cockpits which can make you feel excited as you are in a racing circuit by a road car and sometimes offer comfort. You need a car drink holder even when you are cooled down. Design suits genuine details that enable the quality enough to satisfy Ferrarist.

Holding tight when corners.

Thanks to the technology processed carefully, it holds a drink bottle tight without spilling beverage even with inertia by steering.
Note: There is a possibility of spilling beverage when you corner. Cover a bottle with a lid. Or do not put a bottle into it in an opening state.

As an interior object

A space makes you smile

A tissue case inherits the spirit of racing player

A tissue case made of Ultra Suede as Alcantara

A tissue case made of Ultra Suede

Can be hooked on a mesh net

A tissue case only for hooking on the genuine mesh net set up on the rear wall of a driver's seat.We use "Ultra Suede" as Alcantara applied to Ferrari car body. The brand logo is engraved on the back of a case. It is designed to emphasize a luxurious interior of Ferrari.

A tissue case skilled craftsman work on

Put daily commodities within your reach

Sold out and end of sale on 2019/03/30.

An elegant sense of unity.

The only means to offer the highest sense of unity in the interior design of Ferrari are naturally acclimating it to the mesh net set up on the wall of the seat and using Ultra Suede. Daily life as your life style are essential parts for long drive in your private life.

Ferrari are special to us.

Embed DNA of Ferrari to all the area. Ultra Suede used for race products as Alcantara is the same covering material as a genuine one, and can mix functions and elegant designs. We can realize DNA of the historic brand by bringing enormous passion into tissue cases as bringing it into races.

Aftercare placed importance in details

Protector of Ferrari

Sheets to guard a car body

Protection compatible with race circuit

Risk hedge of Ferrari

A preparation to prevent in advance

Stone splash from rear tires get into a joint of a body and make a condition worse and worse. By attach the sheets having an effect of guarding a car body, it prevents a nick on the fender of a car drastically.

Protecting an engine room from water

Sheets to prevent the invasion of water

Sold out and end of sale on 2019/03/30.

An engine has a spirit.

An engine is most important for Ferrari ,because it has a spirit. Others are secondary importance, All Ferrarist know this word. The car body care  to preserve this spirit is the protection sheet in engine food. It prevent water when you wash your car.

It prevent the invasion of a stone into the inside.

Stone splash from a high-grip tire for racing cars has the risk of damage on a car body. We protect the body of Ferrari by urethane sheets to fill up the clearance of the fender and minimize damage from stone splash. There are assorted sizes, so you can choose them as you like.

Challenging positively

The spirit

The true challenge to become a benchmark

Burning passion

Ferrari, a word, is a big-name brand. You have a dream to drive a Ferrari in the future, and at the moment you get it, you can touch a passion of Enzo Ferrari in the true sense of  the world. Our dream is being allowed to engrave an emblem of the prancing horse on our products. Moreover, driving Ferrari and being rated high by major people we love are respects to the tradition and the beginning of our dream. In other words, we chose the way that we customize limited number of cars, for limited number of successful people.

Our history began from Road World Racing World Championship MotoGP in 2009. That is development of compression undershirt which supports the body of Japanese national team player. Passion to ascend the top in the extreme state is not different between motorcycles and cars. In 2018, we challenged a new field, started to work on the development of aftermarket products for the top team of Formula One "Ferrari" on the market.  We will show respects to the history made by the brand, and continue to be enthusiastic about Ferrari as a huge fan of it.